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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Must love Texas. Must love Colorado. Must love dogs. That’s all I require from my clients when I photograph their wedding day and engagement session. Teasing, of course – but there is some sort of happy trifecta that those three ingredients bring to my client relationships these days. I’m referring mostly to the Texas and Colorado parts (dogs are icing on the cake, naturally – because if you love dogs, then you are automatically awesome in my book); it seems that there is often a strong connection between Texas and Colorado for many of the wedding clients I cross paths with lately. As soon as Texans learn I’m from Colorado, eyes light up and conversation turns to skiing, snow, mountains (because Texans love Colorado) – and when Colorado folks learn that the Austin area is my second home, they almost applaud with the same admiration – and hand me a list of places to eat and hike and cycle (because, see – Coloradoans love Texas, too). Couples hunting for a wedding photographer to accommodate both places have even come across my name (needing engagement photos in Austin and wedding photos in Colorado – perfecto!). I couldn’t be more thrilled or grateful to bounce between both states with my cameras.

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