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Must love Texas. Must love Colorado. Must love dogs. That’s all I require from my clients when I photograph their wedding day and engagement session. Teasing, of course – but there is some sort of happy trifecta that those three ingredients bring to my client relationships these days. I’m referring mostly to the Texas and Colorado parts (dogs are icing on the cake, naturally – because if you love dogs, then you are automatically awesome in my book); it seems that there is often a strong connection between Texas and Colorado for many of the wedding clients I cross paths with lately. As soon as Texans learn I’m from Colorado, eyes light up and conversation turns to skiing, snow, mountains (because Texans love Colorado) – and when Colorado folks learn that the Austin area is my second home, they almost applaud with the same admiration – and hand me a list of places to eat and hike and cycle (because, see – Coloradoans love Texas, too). Couples hunting for a wedding photographer to accommodate both places have even come across my name (needing engagement photos in Austin and wedding photos in Colorado – perfecto!). I couldn’t be more thrilled or grateful to bounce between both states with my cameras.

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While my weekends are filled with photographing weddings, my weekdays are generally packed with engagement sessions. I suppose you could say I’m a professional third wheel Monday through Friday, always hanging out with couples in love, hunting sweet little scenes for engagement photos. Just me and the bride and groom to be. They’re smooching and I’m clicking. No complaints here, though! The engagement session is a great time for all 3 of us and I always leave these photo opportunities knowing more about each couple and how they interact – perfect info to stash away for the wedding day.

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As I go along photographing and sharing stories of current weddings, I’ve been noodling to come up with a way to feature wedding photography of past clients – and I think a flashback category suits the idea perfectly. Word-of-mouth has been the number one building block of my photography’s growth and success and I think this category will give me an opportunity to thank the brides and grooms who have tooted my horn along the way. It will also help illustrate how so many of my clients are connected, and how powerful word-of-mouth in the wedding world truly is. It will take a bit for the stories to start connecting the dots, but I’m hoping these little wedding photography flashbacks will do a fine job of portraying some wonderful couples throughout the years, and show how wonderful couples often tend to know other wonderful couples – and how grateful I am to end up in the mix.

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  • Durham Wedding Photographer - Just been browsing the web like I like to do looking at wedding photos and found your site. Lovely photos I especially like the second photo down shooting into the sun – really affective. Just shows you don’t do as the text books would have you do and shoot with the sun behind you

Between engagement photography and wedding day photography, a Colorado couple has the opportunity to find themselves in some of the best locales the state has to offer.  Amy Beth and Drennen wanted photographs that show off their love for each other and their love for Colorado.  Lucky me! I knew from our first emails that a wedding at the Sanctuary was in the plans, but it wasn’t until a few months after we’d met that the engagement shoot ideas started to unfold.  Wanna head to Vail for a spring engagement session? Yep!  Yep, I do.  And so we did.

We brainstormed an idea of getting dolled up for a casual but classy set of photographs throughout Vail Village, followed by a change of clothes for a cozy mountain feel.  We wrapped that plan up in some prayers for good weather, and were on our way.

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I consider myself a very lucky wedding photographer to be able to call both Colorado and the Austin, Texas Hill Country ‘home’.  My wedding year balances perfectly photographing rocky mountain weddings in the summer and fall, and Texas weddings through the fall, winter, and spring (with some Colorado winter weddings and Texas summer weddings tossed […]

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  • diamondphotography - Hi there, hello from England! I am a photographer based in the North East. I was doing some research on wedding photography on Google images and came across your website. I just wanted to say I’m very impressed with your photographs!

    I will keep popping back from time to time to check out your latest work. :)

  • Mark - Very inspiring photo shoot. These captures really narrate the wonderful chemistry between the couple. Really very nice photography. Hats off to the photographer. Pleasure watching.

  • Katiane - I just viewed your dotruencamy, and it touched me so much. Your story resonates with me because my parents both came to America from Poland, and it took my mom 20 years to become an American citizen. It breaks my heart that your family has to suffer because of American’s unfair immigration laws. I am a high school English/Journalism teacher, and I will share this story with my senior classes for our social awarness issue. I want to break the stereotypes and biases that the media portrays in the media and show them the raw repercussions of what the unfair immigration system has done to innocent families like yours. I will pray that your family is reunited and happy once again. No one deserves to live like that, especially not in Ameirca.