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the sanctuary wedding photography | denver, co | amybeth & drennen

Photographing weddings brings oodles of diversity into my life.  “Don’t they all start to look the same after a while?,” quickly follows in conversation when someone learns of my profession.  Nope.  Rarely ever.  Sure, there are parts of a wedding day that are routine, since it is usually a day of ceremony and celebration.  And the adrenaline rush for me as a wedding photographer has sort of a pattern to it, I suppose.  But I can sincerely say that no two weddings have ever felt the same.

I can also testify that, though I could probably tell you memories from every wedding I’ve documented over 10 years, there are weddings that will forever stand out in my mind; each for different reasons, of course.  Amy Beth and Drennen’s Sanctuary wedding day fits that outstanding category for me.  Their wedding was a balance of black tie elegance and mountain shin dig, conveyed flawlessly by the talented ladies of the Colorado Wedding CompanyAmy Beth was so kind and lovely; Drennen was dapper and completely smitten for his bride – that alone may be what will forever stand out to me.  Just the way he beamed around her put a lump in my throat many a time throughout the day.

Here are just a few of my select favorites:

groom getting ready photos bridal portrait black and white sanctuary wedding colorado photos father giving away bride ceremony photos sanctuary colorado sanctuary wedding colorado photos colorado mountain wedding sanctuary weddings colorado mountains sanctuary golf course colorado sanctuary wedding colorado

colorado wedding candid photos reception bride and groom sanctuary live band weddings colorado candid photos wedding guestsI love seeing familiar faces at weddings.  Here are 2010 wedding clients, Brittany and Jack. wedding sparklers exit

The Sanctuary wedding photography by photojennette.

  • homecut creative - What a wonderful wedding this was to see!

  • Jamie - Really enjoying your work! Can’t wait to see more and really love the black and white during toasts :)

  • Sarah B - I love this venue! I went to a wedding here years ago and fell for it then but through your camera… its looks very different but still equally attractive

  • Banazpati - I just viewed your detomuncary, and it touched me so much. Your story resonates with me because my parents both came to America from Poland, and it took my mom 20 years to become an American citizen. It breaks my heart that your family has to suffer because of American’s unfair immigration laws. I am a high school English/Journalism teacher, and I will share this story with my senior classes for our social awarness unit. I want to break the stereotypes and biases that the media portrays in the media and show them the raw repercussions of what the unfair immigration system has done to innocent families like yours. I will pray that your family is reunited and happy once again. No one deserves to live like that, especially not in America.

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